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Someone had to do it, shouldn’t we?

‘No one involves himself in an adventure expecting a mediocre outcome. People, even though being let down nine out of ten times, wish to have at least a supreme experience, even if this just happens once in their lives. And that’s what moves the world. That is art, I suppose’.

DO = to provide cultural value through video-photographic art.

RE = to undress the visual ingenuity of its obligations and to dress it with its possibilities.

MI = to carry forward the world of image proposing a quiet walk through various artistic proposals and cultural projects.

FA = to make this dream become a lift that takes you to the top floor of the emotions of your remotest worlds.

SOL = to trace, scribble, doodle, planify, curate, develop and design creative events with an innovative spirit and transgressor intentions full of fine and subtle sense of humour.

LA = to fill the lack of alternatives for exhibition providing voice, light and display to emergent or orphan initiatives for creativity.

SI = do NEVER stop creating.